Hi, my name is Lloyd Dixon

And I’m a Dating Coach.

Short Bio:

I help single men overcome the frustration of not attracting the women they want. To getting a dating life full of women who chase them.

Full Bio:

I wasn’t always one of the top international dating coaches for men.

In fact, I used to get rejected by women all the time. (elaborate) It was so bad for me that I became suicidal thinking that no woman that I liked or was attracted to was ever going to like me back.

I did everything I could to get the woman of my dreams. She had friend zoned me for an entire year, and then dumped me after one date so she could get into a relationship with someone else. The pain from going through that experience coupled with my loneliness and lack of success with women in general made me so depressed I contemplated suicide.

I don’t want anyone else to go through that kind of pain again. It sucks when you feel worthless and feel unwanted by anyone. As a result, I am committed to finding the people that I know that are willing to put in the work to turn their dating life around, because if I can do it then so can they.

After those horrible years of rejection and heartbreak I set out to solve these issues for myself. After four years of trial and error I discovered a step by step process for giving you the best chance to attract high quality women.

After I implemented this process my life completely changed. I was no longer lonely, and I was regularly seeing women I could only have dreamed of and some women that had previously rejected me. Soon I began coaching other guys on the method and after just two years I had dozens of single professional men who were living the dating life of their dreams or had transitioned out of them to fulfilling relationships.

I pride myself on breaking down the most complex of subject into their most basic and practical steps. That is exactly what I have done with dating for single men. I want all single men to understand the steps, understand women and most of all understand how to get the best out of themselves.

I regularly coach single professional men that I meet through my YouTube Channel where I help over 130,000 people everyday.

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